Excel shortcuts keys you should know

The following is the list of Excel Shortcuts. Shortcuts give the ease of working and improves the speed as well.

Many users are clueless about using Keyboard shortcuts for Excel. They’re used to performing every Function of Excel using a mouse hence do not understand the benefit of using the essential alternative of mouse. Do you know how to use Excel Shortcuts? Well, if you’re used to Mouse then you’ll be forgetful about these Excel Shortcuts at first but once you get your grip on this, you’ll flying around performing every Action in Excel with its dedicated Shortcut.

FAQs of Excel Shortcuts
1. How to put time in Excel Shortcut?

To insert Time in Excel, follow the steps:

Select the Tab in which you wish to insert the time
Press Ctrl + Shift + ; (semicolon)
The current time will be inserted
2. How to put date in excel shortcut?

To insert Date in Excel, follow the steps:

Select the Tab in which you wish to insert the date
Press Ctrl + ; (semicolon)
The current date will be inserted
3. How to put date in excel shortcut?

The following are the frequently used shortcuts in macOS:

Paste – + V or Ctrl + V
Copy – + C or Ctrl + C
Clear – Delete
Save – + S or Ctrl +S
Undo – + Z or Ctrl + Z
Redo- + Y or Ctrl + Y or + Shift + Z
Cut – + X or Ctrl + X
Bold – + B or Ctrl + B
Print – + P or Ctrl + P
Open Visual Basic – Option F11
Fill Down – + D or Ctrl + D
Fill Right – + R or Ctrl + R
Insert Cells – Ctrl + Shift + =
Delete Cells – + – (hypen) or Ctrl + Hyphen
Calculate all the open workbooks – + = or F9
Close window – +W or Ctrl + W
Quit Excel – +Q
Display the Go To dialog – Ctrl + G or F5
Display the Format Cells dialog – +1 or Ctrl + 1
Display the Replace dialog – Ctrl + H or + Shift + H
Paste Special – +Ctrl + V or Ctrl + Option + V or + Option + V
Underline – +U
Italic – +I or Ctrl + I or Ctrl + I
New blank workbook – + N
New workbook from template – + Shift + P
Display the Save As dialog – + Shift + S
Display the Help window – F1 or +Forward slash (/)
Select All – +A or + Shift + Spacebar
Add or remove a filter – + Shift + F

4. What is shortcut key for search in Excel?

Ctrl + F is used to search in Excel

5. How do I create Shortcut key in excel?

To assign your own shortcuts in Excel, follow the steps:

Click on File > Options tab
Click on Customize Ribbon
Select Customize option at the bottom of the Customize ribbon dialog box
In the Save Changes box, select the document for which you want to customize
In categories box, select the category or the command
Select New Shortcut Key Box, assign the shortcut of your choice
Select assign and the changes will be made.
6. What is the shortcut for format cell in excel?

Ctrl + Shift + ~ is the shortcut for general format cell in Excel.

7. What is the shortcut for save in excel?

Ctrl + S is the key to save in excel.

8. How to open new sheet in excel?

Use Ctrl+ N keys to open new sheet in excel

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