The year 2019 is full of ups and downs for everyone, not just for businesses. Most of us are looking for ways to unwind and celebrate every WINS that we achieve. For ABLE HOME & OFFICE LAE team, spending Christmas Party with our family helps us to be more motivated to for the betterment of the team.

It’s been a tradition for us to include family members in the annual gathering.  We are able to get some gift packs coming from the company and other business partners trading with ABLE. It’s such a lovely activity where all we have to do is enjoy the food that our staff prepared and sharing gifts at the end of the party.

We used to celebrate it in the previous years in Lae Botanical Garden yet for this year, we feel that we can enjoy more if we do it in our respective accommodation units.  The excitement continues  for Y2020 as we are planning to select one of the staff’s house as the prospect venue.

No pressure for LAE TEAM! no need to decorate our house for the upcoming 2020 Christmas party, we just have to share food and of course-BEERS for everyone!

Merry Christmas to all! May you enjoy and peaceful holidays…



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