It has been a great honour to be one of the sponsors again for the recently concluded LAE TENNIS Competition organized by LAE TENNIS CLUB held at the golf club. We have seen ups and down for ABLE HOME & OFFICE team to be in the tournament. While the tournament progresses, our team used to be in the 3rd spot, yet the mighty players of other team managed to pass thru the rankings, ABLE TEAM rank 5th at the end of the event with 10 points behind the qualifying teams.

We’ve seen competitive players(expats and nationals) having fun trying to sweat it out to be in the finals game which was eventually played by RECA and SPECTRA team. It was indeed a close battle for the championship which RECA emerging as the champion.

The prizes contributed by companies during the awarding amazed the organizers, as they were saying, “there might be enough prizes for everyone”(winners and non qualifiers).

ABLE HOME & OFFICE  LTD is humbled to be one of the companies invited to co-sponsor prizes for the success of the tournament. Congratulation to all the winners!


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