Able Home & Office is not only providing IT Products & Consumables to our valued clients but we are also introducing useful and new technologies to make our client’s job easy as well. And for this article, I will introduce to you the Diskless Sytem.

In Diskless System, you will save a lot of time and effort deploying and maintaining your network environment. It is a very useful technology specially for school laboratory or corporate environment as you will save a lot of time and effort maintaining numbers of clients. Let’s say you have 40 clients in your laboratory or corporate environment and you need to install Microsoft Office & Adobe Reader. You might spend a day or two to complete these tasks as you have to install them one by one for you need to do it 40 times. What if several systems have been infected by malware, worm or trojan? You have to re-setup the windows of each infected client just to clean the system if the antivirus can’t clean it up and imagine how long that will take.

DISKLESS System eliminates those problem if it is configured properly. Here are the main advantages of using DISKLESS System:

  • VIRUS Infection – Since the boot image are read only, even the system is accidentally infected during the session. When the system reboots your operating system, it will be as good as new. No scripts, worms or trojans will be saved in the system.
  • Save a lot of electricity – Since your system has no HDD, you will save a lot on your monthly electricity bill, and your system will emit less heat. Since this is DISKLESS, there is no HDD, which is one of the main source of heat.
  • Saves time – For 40 clients, you don’t have to install a program 40 times. All you have to do is install it in your boot image.
  • It is FASTER than thin clients’ solution – Since your workstation has their own processors and memories except HDD, your workstations will perform faster for they have their own resources than those who implement thin clients solution which is sharing resources from the server.

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