Finding out the right kind of printer that suits your home or office can sometimes be tedious and outright confusing. Consumers with little technical knowledge sometimes find the simple process of selecting what to buy to be more than overwhelming. More often than not, they end up buying printers that do not completely provide the functionality they require. How can we avoid such cases?

The letters at the end, or the suffix of the printer models such as CLP-415NW, M203DN and M102FDW should give buyers a general idea on their features and functionality.

Here’s a quick guide on the commonly used printer model suffixes:

D (duplexer/duplexing) – this means the printer provides double-sided printing (or scanning)

N (network) – the printer provides network connectivity features, normally using built-in network Ethernet port but can also be through wireless connectivity.

W (wireless) – this means that the printer has wireless printing capability. This commonly differs from the normal wireless network feature.

F (fax/facsimile) –  facsimile-sending capability

T (tray) – provides extra tray for additional paper capacity.

BT (Bluetooth) – allows user printing through Bluetooth connection

MFP (multi-function printer) – provides additional functionality of scan, copy and/or fax

X (eXtended feature) – combination of duplexing, network and/or additional stack or tray

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