Let’s face it, most of us if not everyone is guilty of using a similar password and user ID on multiple websites and online apps. It is not your fault as it is very hard to remember random passwords and user IDs. But don’t you know if you are using the same password, email or user ID, your login details has a high risk of being hacked? What if you are using the same email address & password when you sign up in some random forum, in your social media account and your online banking account? It happened to me in early 2000, and someone hacked my paypal account and spent about 300 dollars in my account. But since it is Paypal, I managed to recover the money by raising a dispute but it took a while. How then can we avoid these type of stressful situations?


The most secure password is not determined by how many letters and special characters are on it. The most secured password is the password that “you can’t remember.” For this, you will be needing a password manager.

I have been a fan of password manager software for many years now. One of these is RoboForm and later switched to LastPass, which I think is better and it is FREE. They have two subscription types, a Free & a Premium. The Free subscription is sufficient as you can already do the following:

  • Access on all devices
  • One-to-one sharing
  • Save & Fill Passwords
  • Password Generator
  • Secure Notes
  • Security Challenge
  • Multi-factor Authentication.

LastPass is not just a password manager but you can take secure notes and form filler. I can even let the LastPass manage my credit card information as well. It is very secure and I did not encounter any problem since I used it. Check out the features and know more about LastPass. 



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