Did you know that a Toshiba copier can be configured through a web-based application? Yes.  Besides the on screen configuration, all Toshiba copiers has a built-in application that lets the administrator manage the copier. The “TopAccess” is the tool that can be accessed through the network through the IP address of the machine. Inside, the administrator can do remote management for the settings, setup templates and check the details and status of the machine.

To start with the TopAccess, the copier should be connected to a network and it must have an IP address. Just open a web browser and type in the IP address of the copier.  As like the sample below;

And on the upper right corner of the screen, the Administrator will need to click on the “Login” link. Then enter the User name and the password. Once logged in, the Device information screen will be the first page to be displayed. Sample screen is shown below;

There will be several tabs to select and each of them has the corresponding function. From here, the administrator can start with the configuration, template creations and device checking.

On my succeeding post, I will show some of the configurations or setup that can be done inside the TopAccess. Should you have any questions or clarifications, you may comment on this post and will get back to you for the assistance. Or you may visit our nearest branch in your location.

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