Imagine life without music. Imagine listening our favorite MUSIC with no sound quality or even no noise cancellation. Gadgets impact our everyday life. We always bring them along when we go for a gym, running, riding in buses, plane or in train. It’s our way of comfort & part of our living.

Have you ever tried buying a headset just because it looks cool if your using it? yet it the audio output is not that good. We’ll, most of us is amazed on what we physically see on gadgets then we decide to just buy it, choosing the right one that best fit your NEEDS to enjoy quality sounds and music should be your utmost priority before buying it.

Here are few consideration to keep in mind to help you choose between various alternatives of headphones:

  1. Listen to them. Play instrumental music, acoustic or even piano to know the differences of each choice to choose which sound is different from the other. If you prefer a headphone with high bass, choose the higher driver size which is indicated at the back of the label.
  2. How it will be used. Are you a sporty person and look for a headphone with greater grip on your head as you go along for a routine or you prefer a medium size headphone to cover your ear.
  3. Wired or wireless type. Wired connection to maintain the full strength of the signal. Avoid long cables as this will affect the sound quality. Choose the shielded cable which minimizes noise & single cable type to not degrade the accuracy of the sound. While wireless you can move freely & has different technology for connection. Infrared or Bluetooth. As wireless has a line of sight, the shorter the distance the better.
  4. Type of headphones. Circumaural- it can be closed back or open back. Closed back or no holes to the external world while open back has holes. This design is used by DJ. It can be two-cup headphones or one-cup headphones. This allows them to hear the mixes they do over high sound levels. Some has a rotating earcups for comfort & detachable. These are headphones built to handle ruggedness & heavy use.
  5. Materials Used and Design.  Is the headband adjustable or not. Headband can be over the head style or behind the neck. Consider also the weight of the headphones. Lighter ones are more comfortable with foam pad and light pressure on the upper jaw.

Ask yourself those considerations, the desired headphone might be too pricey, but is what you need…

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