Usually the easiest way to create a backup is to save it through a USB hard drive. An authorized user will just plug-in a USB hard drive on the system and let the backup files to be stored on the USB device. But some aspects are neglected in terms of Reliability, Data Access and Security.

One solution that be can recommended is to implement a NAS drive for the backup storage. NAS is a network attached storage device.



All NAS drive has a built-in RAID(redundancy) controller. Depending on the number of hard drives that will be installed inside its chassis, you can configure the RAID. Hard drive failure and loss of data will be lessen. And users has the option to configure it based on their requirement. But it also supports JBOD mode.

Data Access

Since NAS drive is connected to the network, access rate of the data will depend on the speed of the connection. Not like a USB hard drive, you need to connect it to a desktop/laptop to access the files.


All users accessing the network can also access the files inside the NAS, if they have an access right.  It can have its own users to be configured or can be configured to connect to an Active directory of the local domain to grant the domain users to access the drive.


With ABLE Home & Office, we offer the SYNOLOGY brand. Giving customers with different models of the NAS drive. We can also design and propose a backup system that will meet the customer’s requirement.

You may visit the nearest ABLE Home & Office branch in your area and may discuss the backup requirement with our service department.




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