It was 11th of February 2019, A very bright and sunny day when the Able Home and Office Port Moresby Team showcased the best products in technology industry. Held at Holiday Inn Hotel in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, the whole day was an amazing experience everybody enjoyed.

The team started early to accept guests at the Holiday Inn ballroom where the event was held.

Guests had fun going around the expo floor while our knowledgeable staffs are demonstrating and showing the products to them

After some time, our guests were called to start the  presentation. The first presenter is Mr. Ritesh Chandra from GEM IT Solutions in Fiji, discussing about Dell Computing and Server Solutions.

The second speaker is Ms. Katherine Scott from Toshiba Australia Pty Ltd in Australia, Discussing about Toshiba Photocopying Solutions and Software Solutions.

The third speaker came from NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans, Ms. Olive Maurice. She discussed about NCSL File Portal.

Another NCSL speaker, Mr. Robert Thadeus spoke about the new technology offerings of NCSL.

The last speaker was Mr. Archival Ponte II of Able Home and Office, He discussed about the Able Payroll Online.

Prizes are also given to some of our lucky guests via a fish bowl draw.

In total the whole event was a success, Thanks to Able Home and Office partners Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo. Thanks to all the hardworking staffs who tirelessly worked through out the whole event since day 1 and of course thanks to all the guest who showed support and showered the whole event with love and enthusiasm.

See you in the next expo!

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