We are happy to see our fellow businessmen operating with our help! Thank you to Premier Bookmakers at Cassowary Road in LAE for engaging ABLE Home & Office to finish the project.

We started with a bare building and gradually make recommendations on equipment and gadgets that needs to be fitted in. We installed CCTV, Audio and Video Devices, laptops and thermal printers,barcode reader, server and other fixtures.

From Planning to Completion!!!

With much expectations to make it a more attractive set up, the owners task us to look for signage, air con and electrical suppliers to comply with the requirements. To the rescue comes our valued client Niugini Electrical Company who shares their expertise to us!

Thank you to all the staff who have help us specially in times where we have to stay under the sun to fabricate high table and chairs. It’s not our expertise but we manage to do it.

Congratulations Premier Bookmakers! Welcome to LAE.



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