HYPER-V on Windows 10 PC

If you are familiar with virtualization, then you may know that Hyper-V of Microsoft is one of the best virtual software out there and it is free from selected Microsoft OS. Most of the time, this feature has been overlooked instead just activating this feature, most of the user download third party virtualization software such as Virtualbox, VMWare and VMLite Workstation. I inserted the hyperlink for each software just in case you need to explore them, but this article is for Hyper-V so lets get started.

Advantages of Hyper-V over the mentioned virtualization software above:

  • TOTALLY FREE (On selected microsoft OS)
  • Builtin – No need for you to download additional installer unlike third party software
  • Can deploy new virtual SERVER in minutes (Just in case you need to buy Physical Server we have long list of available and affordable server HERE)
  • Maintenance does not result in downtime
  • Easy backups
  • Simple live migration

So let’s get started and enable this amazing feature of Windows 10 Pro.

  1. Go to control panel, click Programs & Features.

  • On the left panel, click “Turn Windows Features on or off”

  • A turn on windows feature on or off will pop-up. Scroll down to Hyper-V check “Hyper-V Management Tools” & “Hyper-V Platform”. (Note that in some PC you won’t enable this feature if the Hyper-threading feature in your CMOS setup is disabled)

  • Once the installation is done, it will ask you to reboot your system. Go on and do it.
  • Now, go on and check your new feature. From here you can create new virtual machines and test new software  without altering your existing operating system.

As you can see on my hyper manager window, I am running Windows Server 2016 inside my Windows 10 using Hyper-V, amazing right? Not only for Microsoft OS, you can create virtual machine as well for other operating system such as Linux, FreeBSD etc… Later I will create a step by step post how I manage to install Windows Server 2016 in my Hyper-V so watch out.

I hope this post will help you guys  to activate and utilize the most overlook feature of Windows 10 Pro which is HYPER-V. Should you need any topic in the future similar to this that you want me to post, just comment below and I’ll be more that willing to do it for you.

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