An oldie but a goodie. Monty Pythonesk TV commercial feat. Matt Okine.

This is an old advert we previously ran on EMTV in PNG over ten years ago. It was made at the University of QLD. The lunch time students got a free show of these crazy actors running up and down the Great Court. Thanks to Murdo McRae for a great result. The story goes that the two centurians were carrying 20 kgs of armour and Murdo had them do many takes. They must have been very tired. The main actor was Mat Okine who is now a well known face on Australian TV.

Click on this link to view.

The image below is part of another old advert featuring Matt Okine. The video imagines what might happen if Alexander Graham Bell came across our hero from the future. Check it out and find out what happens.

Click on this link.

Here is a bit of trivia. Mr Bells wife was actually deaf so she would not be able to hear what Mr Bell had to say if he called her on the phone.



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