A day at Fishermans island, Port Moresby

Robert Kenny and his brother Tom took the normally land loving managers of Able POM out for a day trip to Fisherman’s island.

Fisho’s, as it is locally known, is a popular spot to get away for a picnic and a swim. The island is located 5 kms from town.

Everyone had a great time. We bought shells from the local kids and organized a bottle and plastic throwing competition.


In the past 12 months Port Moresby has seen a lot of change but none so more than Ela beach that is seen in the last scenes of the video. Ela beach was lined with magnificent casuarina trees. In 2016 Powes Parkop promised the people of the nations capital that 70% of the trees would be saved, in fact 100% were cut down.

The western end of the beach is where the APEC haus was built for the 2018 APEC summit.

The entire length of the beach was extended 150 mtrs out to sea. The area now is home to car parks, basket ball and volley ball courts. The beach has been restored and the sand is a clean white sand.

December is the hottest month in Port Moresby and Ela beach is the perfect place to escape the heat. The only thing needed now is shade, those Casurina trees would have been the perfect protection from the hot sun.

On Fishermans island you will find Fishermans Airfield (also known as Daugo Island Airfield) is a former World War II airfield near Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. It was part of a multiple-airfield complex in the Port Moresby area, located offshore of Port Moresby. The island’s name is derived from the names of the island’s two villages – Dag (on the western tip) and Ugo (eastern tip).

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