How To Forward Images With Captions On Whatsapp

How To Forward Images With Captions On Whatsapp

You can forward links, texts, and photos in Whatsapp to a single contact or to an entire group. It’s one of the easiest things to do. If you ever need to forward images with captions on Whatsapp and include the caption with the forwarded message, you’re going to find it’s more difficult than it should be. It’s still possible though so here’s how you do it.

Forward Images With Captions – Android

It’s actually simpler to forward images with captions on Android than it is on iOS. Open a chat thread with the captioned image you want to forward.

Tap and hold on the image and it will be highlighted with a blue box. This indicates that the message has been selected. Once selected, look at the top navigation bar in Whatsapp. You will see a share button. Tap it and the  image will open in edit mode and the caption will be included automatically. Tap the send button and the Android share sheet will open. Here, tap Whatsapp and select who you want to forward the image to.

Forward Images With Captions – iOS

Whatsapp on iOS is a bit confusing if you want to forward images with captions. It’s a much longer process and you have to manually copy and paste the caption.

Open Whatsapp and tap and hold on the caption of an image. Make sure you’re not tapping and holding on the image itself. From the floating toolbar, select ‘Copy’. Next, tap and hold on the image. A floating bar will appear again. Tap Forward. This will select the image and open the chat up for quick selection. Tap the share button at the bottom.

The share button will open iOS’ share sheet. Look for Whatsapp in the share sheet, and select the person or group you want to forward the image to.

This will open the image in edit mode. Tap and hold inside the caption field and when the floating menu bar appears, select Paste to paste the caption you copied early on. Tap send and you’re done.

This shouldn’t be as hard as it is. You’re not likely to discover how to forward images with captions by simply poking around. One can argue that it might actually be easier to just save the image and send it but there’s still a matter of copying the caption which is a bit tricky. Whatsapp groups images with their captions but they are treated separately when it comes to copying them. This can all be simplified by including an option in the forward menu to include or exclude captions.

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